Online Bisexual Dating Tips - Photos Are the Windows of Yourself

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Online Bisexual Dating Tips - Photos Are the Windows of Yourself

If you have been using various bisexual chat rooms since you've joined with any bisexual dating site out there, there's huge chance that you've come across the phrases like these "Please no nude photos", "Nude photos are not allowed", or similars.

There is a good reason why the sites which provide the bisexual chat room to their member enforces such rule. The thing is that when you send your nude photos. Sorry, I will use a different analogy.

Let's say photos, whether they are nude or half-nude, topless, or else, they are prone to be misused. Irresponsible parties would possibly make it for bad deeds. When it comes to sharing your photos when conducting the bisexual chat with your friends, you must use these precautions.

If you send your nude photos, don't include your face

Obviously, it is much safer to share your body photos thorugh bisexual chat app without your face. Of course, you will want to be consistent. If you don't reveal your face at first, then you will want to keep it that way unless you appoint for a meeting.

Keep the birthmarks or tattoos at bay

Besides your face, you might want to conceal your birthmarks or tattoos. In the bisexual chat app, many fakers and scammers attempt to get as many information as possible including the stuff to identify yourself. If you send the photos through bi curious chat, someone could also notice the birthmarks or tattoos. If privacy is your thing, you will want to think this over.

Do not disclose your personal email

The dark web has been the places for irresponsible people who sell the other's private information, including their personal email. The sad thing is that many of them are using people who are interested in bi curious dating. So, if someone asks your personal email, don't give them.

Don't send your photos through your email address

If you use your personal email address to send your photos in reasoning of bi couple dating with your partner, it is also risky. Whether it is nude, semi nude, or the normal ones, there's a chance that people who know you would see the connections. If you want to keep your bisexual activities private, don't use your main mail. Use separate emails for your dating profile.

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